Alexander Hurlow

Alex’s research focuses on the development of Norman identity in thirteenth and fourteenth century Capetian France.

He aims to demonstrate that a distinct Norman identity persisted beyond the conquest of 1204. More broadly his research addresses the wider issue of the formation of the French state, its national narrative and how it reacted to distinct ‘autonomous’ zones within it. This will be achieved by investigating two previously understudied sources. The Chronique de Normandie, an early fourteenth century chronicle, housed within the John Rylands Special Collection. As well as the Etablissements de Rouen, a set of customs and privileges that were reconfirmed, reconfigured and disseminated across Normandy during period. 

Alex undertook a Medieval and Early Modern Studies MA at The University of Manchester in 2015 after receiving the John Rylands Research Institute Towneley Family Scholarship.  His PhD is funded by the AHRC through the North West Consortium Doctoral Training Partnership.