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The John Rylands Research Institute

Vision and strategic priorities

Our mission is to open up our Special Collections to innovative and multidisciplinary research, in partnership with colleagues in Manchester and across the globe.

The University of Manchester's Special Collections are extensive, with huge potential for discovery and learning.

They contain more than 50 languages, span five millennia, and are written on virtually every medium - from papyrus to pixels. Some of the most significant printed books and manuscripts ever produced appear alongside archive collections, maps and visual material documenting a wealth of cultural, literary, historical and religious traditions from around the world.

Productive interaction between the arts and sciences is at the heart of the Institute. Scientists, humanities scholars and library experts are collaborating to reveal and explore our collections and novel ways. For example, our work supports experts in DNA sequencing, computer science and advanced imaging techniques to reveal hidden writing on re-used parchment.

In this way, we are learning about our past and informing our future.