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The John Rylands Research Institute

Become an affiliate member

As an affiliate, you’ll be able to work with materials of great scientific, historic and cultural importance - some unique to the John Rylands Library - to advance research in your chosen subject.

Affiliation requests will be considered from a range of disciplines and backgrounds - you may be a member of a higher education institution or similar, for example, or a researcher funded either independently or by a third-party source.

Requests for affiliation should include:

  • A summary of your proposed research project
  • The suggested timescale and duration of the project
  • An outline of the sources to be consulted
  • Justification for Affiliated status
  • Your CV and list of publications
  • Two academic references

Successful requests will be a strategic fit with our research and collection priorities and provide a mutual benefit to the Institute and affiliate. How the project will contribute to our current activity, its potential to foster collaborations and its intended outputs are also key considerations.

Requests and informal enquiries should be sent to the John Rylands Research Institute Manager at:

View our current collection priorities.