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The John Rylands Research Institute

Economic behaviours in the John Ryland Library’s Persian manuscripts

Edmond Smith (History)

‘Nushirwan & the Indian envoy’, Persian MS 932 (1542 CE)
‘Nushirwan & the Indian envoy’, Persian MS 932 (1542 CE)

Edmond’s project analyses economically indicative verb usage in Persian texts. Particular attention will be made to processes of exchange, credit and economic reputation as well as information about the production, exchange and consumption of goods. This information will be collected with corresponding information to allow spatial, prosopographic and temporal cross-referencing and interpretation. In turn, as economic behaviours are revealed they could be interpreted in relation to differences such as region or social status – an essential element for further analysis. This data will be interpreted through the application of social and economic network analysis and presented with network and GIS visualisation techniques.

Through this analysis, the project will contribute to the reinterpretation of histories of globalisation, empire and trade by demonstrating how hybrid, flexible and transnational commercial practices can be traced across emerging national and imperial boundaries in non-European sources.

This project is funded by a JRRI Digital Humanities grant and runs from October 2018 to July 2019.