Envisioning Change: learning from the past to inspire new thinking about the future with the National Trust at Quarry Bank

(Joanne Tippett, Planning and Environmental Management)

The project team has been invited to work with Quarry Bank to help develop a year-long exhibition to mark 125 years of the National Trust, opening April 2020. This will tell the long story of environmental change before and after the industrial revolution, including positive changes for humanities and unintended consequences. The aim is to tell a resonant story of the past in order to inspire new ways of thinking and acting towards sustainable futures. The exhibit will comprise: an exhibition on sustainability, told through the history of the site and Industrial Revolution linked to a piece of contemporary art commissioned by the National Trust and interpretive trails in the landscape of the site, and a related programme of community events.

This project will allow exploration of the Univeristy of Manchester’s Special Collections, as well as preliminary work to set these documents into a context of change over time.

This project is funded by a JRRI Collaboration grant and runs from September 2019 – July 2020.