Transnationalising the English Renaissance: The importation of editions of the classics published by the Plantin Press in sixteenth-century England.

Fred Schurink (English, American Studies and Creative Writing)

Fred’s project uses early print materials to explore the book trade in sixteenth-century England. The project challenges the dominant monolingual and monocultural model of the encounter between English readers and writers and ancient Greek and Roman texts by uncovering the vital role of editions and translations (from Greek into Latin and from ancient languages into modern vernaculars) produced on the Continent of Europe in the reception of the classical heritage in the English Renaissance.

This project seeks to address the following research questions:

  • What do the Plantin archives reveal about the importation of editions of the classics in England?
  • Which editors and translators were involved in the production of ancient Greek and Roman texts exported by Plantin to England and how did their contributions shape the reception of these texts by English readers?
  • What do classical editions exported by Plantin to England reveal about the wider transnational literary and cultural relations between England and Continental Europe in the sixteenth century? 

This project is funded by the JRRI Pilot grant and runs from September 2019 – July 2020.