The Manuscript Gaster 1572 and the Use of Medieval Texts as a Didactic Tool in Nineteenth-Century Balkan Context.

(Adelina Angusheva-Tihanov, Russian and East European Studies)

Adelina’s project aims to expand the study of the Vita of St Basil the Younger beyond the medieval period, by exploring manuscript 1572 from Gaster collection. The project aims to make the text and the study electronically available to the scholarly community, and to analyse its use for didactic ends in the nineteenth-century Balkan culture.

The main objectives of the project are to Further to that our main objectives are to analyse the linguistic, textual, and palaeographical specificities of Gaster1572 in the context of other similar manuscripts (belonging the same period and containing the Vita of Basil the Younger or Theodora’s journey).

This project is funded by the JRRI Digital Humanities grant and runs from September 2019 – July 2020.